Why Choose Us?

What Sets Us Apart From The Rest

We are unique in that we offer 100% privacy! If boarding, set dates and times to ride your horse without worries of running into others. If you have a horse that is timid and need a quiet area and land to learn without cars or other horses or people, set dates and times for private corral use. Boarders receive priority camping without deposit, unless a deposit has already been made by another. You can even take your horse camping on the creek with you! 

Book now for a weekend of private camping with no disturbances and go rafting, kayaking, canoeing, fishing, or just relax without all the action and craziness of the public spots (ESPECIALLY ON HOLIDAYS)! Bring your children for a quiet family getaway without worrying about what the campers next to you might do or say or how late they may keep you up, or stay up as late as you want without disturbing anyone else. This is truly raw camping without any facilities or "campsite luxuries". We offer you all this with complete privacy; not just privacy in or around your camping area, but almost a full quarter mile of PRIVATE CREEK PROPERTY away from any other campers. We are in the serene Big Sugar Creek valley away from the main roads located off a gravel road.

We have a limited supply of kayaks, rafts (including 4-person inflatable boat), and flotation devices available to rent for extra fee; coolers available to rent if you forget yours; and iif home, a bathroom and phone for EMERGENCY purposes only. Red Mule (store with beverages, snacks, ice, and restroom for customers) is located not far down the main road open 9a.m. until 9p.m. Monday through Sunday. Pea Ridge, AR is approximately 8 miles South for most any other needs.

We try to keep to parties of 20 or less; however, can make exceptions for BBB (Bikes Blues and Barbecue) or Holidays or depending on time of week and year.    

PLEASE NOTE: While we will strive to keep our word regarding privacy, the creek water itself is public, which means occasional kayaks or canoes may pass by; however, the land, including the land UNDER the creek is all private. If anyone disturbs privacy on foot, they are trespassing and authorities will be called immediately upon notifying us. Our neighbors and we cooperate on community watch and attempts to keep the area as clean, safe, and private as possible.